Observations by SPACE in INDIA


SPACE observes the century’s last Venus Transit across Continents

The “Transit of Venus on June 6th, 2012” has marked a day in history as the citizens saw the century’s last and rare celestial phenomenon. SPACE conducted public observations at various places to show a spectacular view when planet Venus passed the fiery face of sun. All the eyes turned towards sky during the transit and the breath taking view enthralled many, as they take back memoirs of an exquisite celestial event that occurs once in their lifetime. The next VT would be in Dec 2117 followed by Dec 2025, the ones who witnessed this one will have a memory of a lifetime.
On the day of this rare celestial marvel, experts from SPACE organized and conducted observations at no. of places which are as follows:

  • SPACE organized a Mass Observation in Jantar Mantar
  • General public marked their presence in large numbers at Jantar Mantar in the early morning itself to see the Transit. SPACE had made necessary arrangements like telesoopses projecting on screens, ball projectors, live webcast on screen and other equipments through which anyone and everyone observed this phenomenon. There was a footfall of close to 700 including students, parents, teachers and general public. Also some Astronomicans, amateur astronomers associated with SPACE volunteered themselves and joined hands with SPACE in organizing the event. Su Shri Archana Arora, Chairperson NDMC and Mr. Adnan Ahmad, Director of Postal Services also took out some time from their schedule to see the transit with SPACE.  Dr. Mila Mitra, Scientific Officer from SPACE explained the science behind it to the participants.

    SPACE collaborated with Udaipur Solar Observatory – the only of its kind in India. SPACE team of 10 experts conducted a public outreach program in the observatory premises.  Approximately 500 general public joined SPACE to observe the Venus transit from Udaipur Solar Observatory. Scientists from the observatory and SPACE experts teamed for the transit. Dr. Ashok Ambastha, Secretary, ASI Udaipur Solar Observatory was the Guest of Honor, who witnessed this important celestial phenomenon with SPACE.  This team also webcast their observations throughout. The team also conducted public outreach in Udaipur.


  • Tihar Prison Officials witness Venus Transit with SPACE
  • A team from space conducted scientific observation at Tihar Jail premises. Space conducted a public outreach program for residential staff which gave them a once in a life time opportunity to observe the transit of Venus from 8:00 am to 10:20am. Space did observations through telescopes and projection to enable them to view the transit safely. DG of Prisons Mr. Neeraj Kumar(IPS) was the chief guest along with Mr. Naveen Saxena, the superintendent of Tihar prisons. More than 300 people turned up including Tihar staff and their family members.

     Scientific Expedition to Shanghai
    The SPACE expedition with 47 students and teachers travelled to Shanghai to witness the transit.Thousands geared up to witness the transit at Daning Lingshi Park, the largest centralized greens in Puxi- with the SPACE team who had headed there. A group of 47, including students & teachers from Modern School, Barakhamba & Vasant Vihar, ASN School, Mayur Vihar, Bal Bharati Public School (Gangaram & Pitampura), Step by Step School (Greater Noida) and Vivek High School (Chandigarh), witnessed the event.  Apart from transit observations and experiments during the transit, SPACE team voluntarily did a lot of public outreach to make the people aware about this rare significant event. They placed their telescopes and ball projectors and the local public were also quite amused to see a group of Indian students doing science over there amongst the early morning joggers!! Teachers throughout the event guided the students and the public as how to do the observation & experiments. All the students could be seen working at the experiments like the small scientists!!

    Public outreach done by CSE Schools on 6th June, 2012

  • Observation in Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura
  • Astronomy Club Students of Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura conducted an observation for the students at the school hockey field from 7:30 – 10:30 A.M. under the supervision of SPACE educator Manalee Deka. Senior Club students started their observation by doing experiments from 6:45am, later they were divided into different groups each headed by an incharge. Senior Club members did astrophotography by their cameras using Solar Filter, Photography with a telescope by Projection Method, calculated the disk size of Sun and Venus. They have also witnessed the live webcast from Nepal, Shanghai and Udaipur Solar Observatory.  

  • Observation in G.D Goenka School, Rohini
  • Astronomy Club Members of CSE G.D. Goenka had conducted Transit of Venus observation for Parents and Students from 7:00am – 10:30am on 6th June, 2012. Around 150 parents & students came to school to witness this lifetime event. Trained students from the school worked on Safe Solar Observation methods such as Telescopic Projection of Sun and helped mass to view Venus Gliding slowly over disc of Sun, safely with the help of Ball Projector. Also Live Webcast of the “Transit of Venus” from Udaipur & GONG was shown to the parents & Students and also explained “What is Venus Transit, its significance and many more facts and information.

    Both Parents & students were really excited to see “Transit of Venus” as this was the Lifetime Event for all of us. They all enjoyed the observation and also gained a lot of knowledge about it. Parents were really happy to see their kids conducting observation & explaining the science behind it.

  • Observation in Indraprastha International School, Dwarka
  • Indraprastha International School, Dwarka witnessed the event. The observation was conducted as a part of CSE inside the school premises on 6th June from 07:30am to 10:30am. Along with other school staff, the school’s Principal Dr Bhushan and Headmistress Mrs. Urmi Mala Sudhakar also attended the observation. The students along with their parents attended this observation and understood about various aspects of a transit like, what is a transit, its significance and why are they so rare. Nearly 400 people attended the observation. Various safe viewing techniques like ball projector, telescopic projection and telescopic observation was used to witness the transit of Venus. Audience was very excited to see Venus as a gliding dot rolling over Sun.
    Students took pictures of Sun with various point and shoot and digital cameras and these clicked pictures will be used in measuring the Sun Earth distance once again. All present audience timed the third contact and was very excited to see it occurring at exact predicted time.

  • Observation in Step by Step School, Noida
  • On 6th June 2012, students of Step by Step School along with their parents observed an extremely rare astronomical event “Transit of Venus”. Around 150 visitors observed Venus as a black dot moving across the disc of Sun when it came in between Sun and Earth in a straight line. The students themselves carried out the activities such as observation through Ball Projector, telescope projection with an 8inch telescope.

  • Observation at Indraprastha, Paschim Vihar
  • Students of Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar and their parents celebrated the last Venus Transit of the century. The students of school who volunteered came at 6:30 am and used one of the methods, “Ball projection with very large focal length lens” to safely see the projection of the Sun on a white screen. By 8:00 am students and parents started pouring in and enjoyed the view of this rare celestial phenomena through “Telescopic projection method”. The volunteers kept on explaining why it happens and what is its significance. The particular fact that they are looking at once in a life time event made observers all the more excited. They were also shown live webcast of the Venus transit from Udaipur also. More than 200 students and parents came to be a witness to this phenomenon and everyone was really enthusiastic to see Venus as a black dot on the face of the Sun.

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