Observations by SPACE in INDIA


SPACE brings Venus Transit in the courtyard of masses

We are happy to share that for masses to observe Venus Transit from their respective premises. SPACE has discovered two equipments like VT Scope and Ball Projector, using them anyone can observe this transit in affordable prices.

VT Scope (For just Rs 700 or $ 12.5)

Approved by Vigyan Prasar for seeing the Venus Transit and for sun observation. Ideal equipment at low cost to learn science. 50mm refractor telescope mounted on stand with 20x magnification. Giving a big projected image of Sun of 100mm dia at a distance of 500 mm. Must have for the observation of Venus Transit 2012.

Ball Projector with Very Large Focal Length Lens (For just Rs 550)

Specially designed apparatus for a lay person to observe VT. One can get the big image of the sun inside the room for a large audience. Appreciated by Vigyan Prasar for the unique design. Very Large Focal length lens (10 m) gives a sharp image of 90mm solar disk.

It is impossible to witness this with naked eye or with glares commonly available.
Contact Mr.Uttam Kumar on 09212669974 or email at support@gnomonastrotech.in

Methods Of Safe Observation by SPACE

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